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You're going to need support!

Discover how we educate and empower our coaching community to make positive lifestyle, training and nutrition changes that help them move better, feel better, think better and ultimately operate at theirr best.

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Whats included


Learn what is takes to achieve the results you are wanting in the gym!

This program includes both home & gym training programs featuring instructional workout videos.

Choose your focus 

- build lean muscle

- fat loss


Record and track your strength progress in our easy to use app.

You may also choose to invest in a MyZone band which links to our heart rate training system. 

This system is fantastic for instant feedback and motivation, it also helps our team track your training output.

Nutrition Coaching

We understand nutrition is most often the biggest challenge, so we aim to guide you every step of the way to better understand nutrition and what your body requires to perform and achieve your goals.

Along with our incredible recipes, you will get access to our app to track your macros and utilise meal plans. 

This is a completely customised approach to your nutrition. 

Our goal is to simplify this part for you so you feel empowered to continue making great choices with your nutrition. 


On the surface, we may appear to be all about weights and protein shakes but at our core, we are a supportive, family-friendly community that cares about your overall wellbeing. 

As part of this challenge, you will get full access to our online coaching resources and closed Facebook group where you can connect with other incredible people, get live coaching, tips, tricks, discounts and even prizes.

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What you need to know

Thu | 20TH | FEB | 12noon

Challenge entries close!

Everyone needs to be set up by Thursday with their nutrition, training band and more, so we must close it off Wednesday.

Sun | 23rd | Jun | 8:00pm

Introduction Webinar in our private Facebook group. 
This is designed to cover every aspect of the challenge, set your goals, and answer any questions you may have so that you're ready to kick off from day 1. 


Mon | 24th | Feb 

Day 1 of the challenge, have fun and kick butt! 


The Details

Challenge includes:

  • Nutrition Coaching + Recipes ($120)

  • Prizes for MyZone points winner and Best Transformation

  • Challenge Handbook

  • $100 Discount on our Myzone Band!


And of course our unwavering support throughout.

Just $59

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* Results may vary between person to person