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Creating Happy Hormones

Last week I attended an event with Naturopath and health expert, Carly Gallagher called: ‘Help My Hormones’ which was an event designed specifically for females to help them understand what’s going on with their bodies, how this effects their overall health, wellbeing, moods and even their family.

Notice how I said ‘an event for females’ so yes, there I was in a room of 100 lovely ladies, and I was literally the only male... some guys may see this as a dream come true.

It got off to an awkward start when Carly welcomed all the ladies, and they just all turned around and stared at me, then I was referred to as the only pair of ‘beans’ in the room. Don’t worry, I made sure I blended right in and became part of the tribe.

Anyway, it was a fantastic event full of great info which I have tried my best to summarise in todays video (see below). [18:51min] - there’s a lot to it, so it’s hard to squeeze into a few minutes, so grab a pen and paper and listen in.

The biggest takeaway was understanding that our endocrine system (the system that controls our hormones) needs to be communicating effectively within itself to ensure we have a happy balance of hormones.

Imbalances in our hormones are caused from faulty messages/poor communication between this system (your Hypothalamus, Pituitary Gland, Endocrine glands and receptor sites).

Particular influences such as, poor nutrition, stress and other lifestyle factors cause communication breakdowns within this system and in this video I explore what some of these influences are and how you can increase your resistance and reduce some of the burden to create happy hormones.

I think it’s important to set the expectation from the beginning that much of what I share and what Carly shared isn’t anything ground breaking, we all know most of it. I think the perception is there must be some secret thing, pill, diet, food, drink or process you’ve got to do in order to ‘fix’ it all. This is not the case.

It comes back to having a conscious and mindful approach to your lifestyle, your nutrition, your training and what you’re exposing yourself to on a daily basis.

So be sure to keep an open mind with this and understand there’s not going to be a super pill or simple solution, everyone is different and the approach for each individual will be different, it’s about being proactive and doing all the right things consistently (long term) not for the immediate results, event or weight loss goal. Rather for you and your family’s long term, health and wellbeing (inside and out).

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