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Do’s and Don’ts of Training While Sick

Training when sick... Do you or don’t you?

At this time of year kleenex sales are going through the roof as the annual cold bug circulates most households.

If you’ve been knocked about by a cold no doubt you’re training regime took a hit as well, and as it probably should.

We often get asked the question; “Should I train whilst I’m sick?”

I think it’s important to start with really evaluating how unwell you are.

Often falling ill can be a result of being run down, and if this is the case continuing your normal routine may not be the best option.

In most cases it’s a really good idea to take those first couple of days to give your body the complete rest it needs and focus on giving it the best fuel possible to do this.

The focus should be on what you’re eating and drinking to give your body the nutrients it needs to recover as quickly as possible.

  • Lot’s of dark leafy greens

  • Hydrate well

  • Lemon and ginger tea

  • Bone broths/soups

Check out these great ideas from The Healthy Chef

Once you’ve got through those first couple of days of uncontrollable substances pouring out of your face (delightful right!) you may be thinking about doing something other than lying down, so here’s our suggestions to getting back into training:

Day 1: Stretch or Go for a walk for 15-20 minutes.

Day 2: If you felt ok and recovered relatively fine from day 1, increase this to 20-25minutes.

Day 3: If ok from Day 2: Try a 30minute low intensity strength based workout (mostly arms or upper body) this will not be as taxing as lower body session

Day 4: Try a moderate intensity cardio based workout. (slow jog/fast walk or bike) or complete rest

Day 5: Low-moderate strength session heavier upper body or lighter lower body day (bodyweight/light weights). 30-40minutes

Day 6: Try a normal training session (something you would normally come to) e.g. boot camp session - but just go at 75%. See how you feel

Day 7: Rest

Day 8: Back into routine (80% and build up back to 100% effort over a few days).

If at any point you find the activity too much on your body or you really don’t feel great just reduce the intensity or have another rest day, then try again the following day to progress. What you need to remember is that this is just a guide and it really depends on you and your body. But the message is that if you’re feeling up to it, movement is still important, just reduce the intensity and build back up slowly, and ensure you focus on feeling your body well to give you body the best chance for a quick recovery.

Enjoy your week.

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