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12 Tips to Be the Best You

  1. Take responsibility for your health, your results and behaviours, no one else is to blame

  2. Be honest with yourself about what you eat, write it down (you will be surprised)

  3. Get involved with or follow people who you aspire to be like

  4. Avoid negative people or people who do not support you or try to bring you down

  5. Eat more foods that make you feel better, both physically and mentally

  6. Move everyday!

  7. Learn or do something new

  8. Stop justifying your silly decisions

  9. Let go of the past, it can’t be changed, focus on what you can do now, and what you do have control of

  10. Do more of what you know you should be doing

  11. Stop putting it off until tomorrow or Monday, take action NOW!

  12. Enjoy the journey, try not to label things as a good or bad experience, just see it as an opportunity to learn or grow and see how it will move you forward

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