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Busy Parents Program

As a parent we understand it can be a balancing act between meal times, school drop offs, events, sports play dates and the list goes on. And making time for yourself is usually left until last on your list, so when the odd occasion comes up where everything has been taken care of, who has the energy to pound the pavement or go to the gym for a couple of hours?

Well the great news is, it doesn't have to be that way, you can achieve your goals with as little as 20-30min of INTENSE (key word) exercise on most days.

We all dream of that body, you know the one that's firm, toned and makes all your friends envious. The one you promise you will work hard for this year, this summer this week, that just never seems to show up. Well I'm here to tell you that you can have it all!

There are just a few key aspects you need to incorporate into your plan of attack!

  1. Nutrition — it is number 1 for a reason, because it is most important. The saying that you can't outran a bad diet is 100% true. you need to stick to something, anything but the key is to be consistent. You can't start eating better for a week and hope to look like Beyoncè or Hugh Jackman, and on the flip side one bad day won't ruin a perfect week. Focus on eating real food often, a serve of protein, carbs, and fats in each meal and plenty of leafy greens. Control your portions and do tis constantly enough and you will see results. The reality is people tend to hide, justify or just plain lie to themselves about what their really eating & drinking. (And many parents seem to forget how much they eat off their kids plates when preparing meals). So start by writing down your intake for an entire week then pick out 1 or 2 things you can implement for the following weeks, once you have mastered these and they feel easy enough to do without much thought, implement a new strategy and so on. Nutrition is one of those subjects that have been blown up into some huge confusing ball of information, so do yourself a favour and KEEP IT SIMPLE.

  2. Cardio — There's no need to run for hours to get results, in fact you don't need to run at all. But hey if you enjoy it go for it! We just recommend that 3 x pw you are doing some High Intensity Interval Training. So this is where you sprint (work at your max) for a period of time, say 1min and then rest (lower your heart rate) for a period of time say 1min. Depending on your fitness level you can adjust these times to suit. As you get fitter you can reduce the rest periods. The great news is that you only need to do 20-40min of this style of training to see huge results in Fat Loss, fitness and overall energy and well being. We have a FREE download for you below to get your own interval workout to try at home. You can do these running/walking, boxing, cycling, rowing, swimming just to name a few.

  3. Strength training — For you to get amazing results with fat loss, with your body shape and muscle tone, you need to be lifting some weights at least 2x pw. Ladies, please don't be afraid about 'bulking up' you simply don't have enough testosterone to do this. So get into the gym or grab our body weight training program below to do at home and start working your way toward the body you want! 30-40min of intense weight training 2 x pw is all it takes. If 2 x pw is all you can do then just ensure you're hitting all your muscles in a full body workout.

  4. Mindset — Probably even above nutrition, is having the right mindset, adjusting your limiting beliefs. the one's like "I'm too old", "I'm to slow", "I can't do that","I can't eat like that", "I've never been able to do...." and so on. These old records continue to get played overtime you are faced with a challenge and it's holding you back! Work on trying to understand these things you say to yourself, the things you do or attitudes you have toward things and remind yourself daily of how important it is to you to achieve your goals, remind yourself that you do deserve time t yourself, you are worthy, you can achieve anything you truly set your mind to. And start trying to flip the negative language in your head into positive language by repetition, and if you need some more help on this be sure to get in touch with Marie Rosier.

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