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I’ll Start Monday!

How many times have you started something to then never finish it? How many times have you had a great idea but it never eventuated? How many times have you said, “I’ll start Monday”, But then Monday comes around along with January, February and March?

This is just as effective as the latest diet, the “28day I’ll think about it cleanse”! Sarcasm aside, there are reasons why people never seem to take action, never start or stop before completing something.

A lot of the time it’s a fear, a fear of failure (“what if I don’t make/achieve it”).

A fear of being different, (“My friends will think I’m some stuck up gym junkie”, everyone will think I’m...) Sometimes there is even a fear of YOU not liking the new you.

Or due to past experiences the “what if that happens again” thought comes up.

So if you find yourself ‘stuck’ or not completing things, procrastinating or leaving it until Monday, try and have a think why you might be doing this.

What’s possibly holding you back? What are you fearful of?

Then you need to convince yourself that no matter what happens you are willing to get back up and try again. You need to accept that you will fall down, stuff up, make mistakes, but that’s ok so long as you can learn from them, try again and do it better the next time.

#mindset #Attitude #Change #Fear

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