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Setting Bulletproof Goals for the New Year

It’s almost that time of year when everyone feels super motivated, starts a new training and clean eating regime and get’s ready to take on the world. Oh but of course not for a few more days yet! as remember it would be silly to start anything new before January 1st right?

This mindset in itself is slightly flawed, only starting things on Monday’s, only on January 1st, waiting until you have more time or when work settles down, the reality is if you have this mindset you will always be waiting for the right time, the right program, the right season, the right people, the right food plan and you will always be waiting for results!

This year we want you to achieve your goals and be the 1% that actually achieve their new years resolution. Yes that’s right only about 1% of people actually stick at it and achieve their new years resolutions. And how many people set them... nearly everyone!

So we have a bulletproof system that if followed will produce outstanding results for YOU!

*Note, it’s not conventional, or exactly the easy 1,2,3 process you may be looking for.

  1. Write your big goals down on paper, keep these somewhere you can see them occasionally, but try not to put too much attention on them. When we attract too much attention on where we want to be, what we haven’t achieved yet, we miss out on seeing the progress and little achievements along the way and can become dissatisfied and lose the ‘mojo’ needed to stay on track.

  2. Break down your goals into smaller targets, tasks or goals for each month, then weekly then daily ones. For example: Big Goal = 20kg Fat Loss, Monthly goal= 2kg, Weekly goal= Exercise 3 days or .5kg , Daily goal= drink 2ltrs of water.

  3. Focus all your energy on the daily tasks or goals and even use a tick sheet to track your progress for the week. So rather than each week attacking the 20kg goal we are attacking a .5kg goal or a train 3 x this week goal or a 2ltrs of water today goal. It’s much more achievable, maintainable and motivating to work on achieving the smaller things rather than focusing all your energy on the big ones.

  4. Keep yourself accountable both to yourself or other people such as a friend or coach. Setting a reminder, or checking back in with your goals and how your progressing regularly can really help you stay on track, it’s a matter of honestly evaluating yourself and then re-assessing. You may not hit your .5kg per week or 2kg per month goal every time, but assessing and then re-setting yourself regularly ensures 1 bad week doesn’t turn into 3 bad months.

  5. Be honest. Stop believing your own crap, stop making stories up to others or yourself to justify silly decisions you have made and just be honest about what you’re doing/not doing. If you’re eating crap, you’re eating crap by not being honest and ‘forgetting’ what you’re eating in a week is only hurting your progress, you know whether you gave your all in a training session so don’t pretend you have given 100% when you haven’t.

  6. Get fit for life, not an event. This is all about doing it for the right reasons, don’t train for a friends wedding, the races, or your 40th birthday, train to be fit, healthy, leaner, stronger, faster or whatever it is you want, for the long term. Otherwise you will continue to ride the weight loss and gain roller coaster.

  7. Love yourself. Losing 20kg or fitting into a size 10 won’t necessarily make you ‘Happy’, you need to appreciate yourself, learn to be confident about who you are, celebrate all your achievements big and small. Look for satisfaction through gratitude, time with family and the people who surround you. And what you have been able to do with your life, the people you have influenced or helped. Losing weight doesn’t always fix some of those deeper issues developed years ago that may have caused you to put the weight on in the first place, look to understand this and work on getting rid of some of that old emotional ‘stuff’ that may be holding you back from your full happiness potential.

  8. Don’t look for ‘special’ quick fixes, potions or programs etc- remember you are the problem and you are always the solution, the key to lasting results is just CONSISTENCY OVER TIME. Eat well, exercise regularly and do it consistently and the results will come.

  9. Don’t Overthink It! Keep it simple, remember rule number 8.

  10. Nothing else to note, it just felt weird leaving it on an odd number.

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