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Dream Big!

With your health, fitness, your career or business goals, or life in general, you NEED to set BIG GOALS!

There’s a big motive why people use personal trainers and it’s also a good metaphor for this article.

A client (training on their own) starts a set of 10 reps; they get to 10 and finish on 10.

A client with a trainer get’s to 10 and then the trainer says 1 more, then 1 more and then if the trainer is like most they may say 1 or 2 more again. And the client ends up doing 12 or more reps.

The point is the trainer is just pushing you past the point at which you originally thought was your threshold.

So how often are you only achieving a certain amount, because that’s what you have preset yourself?

Try to be your own trainer and adjust that preset level, or disregard it altogether and just go until you can’t go any more and you will be surprised at what you can actually achieve

Setting a massive goal and just falling short will have you achieve much more than setting a small goal and achieving it!


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