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Burning the Candle at Both Ends

We all know that exercising more creates physiological change and great weight loss results. However, exercising too much can have a negative impact on your weight loss attempts.

The key is to train SMARTER not necessarily train MORE.

Here’s a classic example of what can happen.

People usually start with a training regime and immediately start seeing results, so the next week they do a little more, see more results in their fitness, their appearance and their energy, so the third week they do even more and so on.

You see although there is 1000’s of benefits to training, training is another stress, along with work, kids, and other external stresses.

So when you add training to an already stressful lifestyle you can only handle so much before you start seeing the result of too much stress; sickness, fatigue, anxiety, depression, lacking energy, loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, craving high carb/sugary foods and so on.

So it’s about getting the right dose that is enough to see a result, but not too little that it doesn’t cause any change (improvement).

I highly recommend doing something everyday, but this doesn’t mean a ‘kill yourself, curled up in the fetal position on the floor’ kind of thing everyday.

You should aim for 3-4 strenuous (can only manage a sentence) per week, this should be a mix of strength and cardiovascular training (preferably intervals/sprint style cardio).

Then on all the other days your daily exercise or ‘movement’ should be something lower in intensity & impact such as a walk, light ride, swim, yoga or Pilates sessions. These activities have much more benefit than just improving your physical health, they really benefit your mental health and overall well being, not too mention giving you some time for YOU away from everything else.

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