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13 Things We've All Probably Done In Our Activewear

Activewear /ˈaktɪvwɛː/ Noun casual, comfortable clothing suitable for sport or exercise. It's great, it's comfortable, versatile and can have many appropriate uses... however, there's many places it probably shouldn't be... but what the heck, it's 2017!! The TFS team put together their top 13 things we've probably all done in our activewear. We know your number is there... 1) Gone for coffee at 3pm.... after a 6am workout ☕️

2) Bent over in front of the mirror in the change Room, to check if you can see your underwear through your tights 🙋

3) Gone for lunch with friends 🥗

4) Gone shopping for active wear... in your active wear

5) Had a wine (or 3)... and it was past 4pm 🍷

6) Parent teacher interviews

7) Dinner with friends 🍲

8) Grocery shopping....on a Sunday afternoon... and you haven’t worked out that day

9) Walked past the mirror in the gym twice, just to see how your butt looks in your new tights 😏

10) Slept in your activewear 😴

11) Been through a Drive thru 😮

12) Movies 🎥 🍿

13) Done the sniff test to see if it’s ok to wear again today... 😷

We hope you enjoyed the read.. Please feel free to share with your friends, just copy the link and post on your socials! If you want to look great out grocery shopping at the movies, or maybe just at the gym, come in and get decked out in the latest TFS Apparel!

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