• Brad Cunningham

How Do I Get Out Of A Rut?

“How I would get out of a rut”

This day and age there’s so much demand for our attention, often resulting in a high stress load, or what’s known as allostatic load. Allostatic load is basically the wear and tear on our bodies from chronic or repeated stresses. It’s important that you take time out to reduce the flight and flight response in your body and focus on ramping up your parasympathetic nervous system, also known as the rest, feed and bread state. - Meaning that when you’re in this state you are better equipped to do these things. Whereas your sympathetic nervous system is your flight and fight system (high stress) - great for survival but not great to be on all the time. If you don’t prioritise keeping a balance between these states you will begin to experience the symptoms of chronic stress. (Illness, inflammation, gut issues and metabolic syndromes such as diabetes). What does this have to do with being in a rut? Well I believe that in many cases we fall into a headspace that is not driven, inspired or motivated to do many of the things we normally enjoy or do without an issue because we have failed to keep a healthy balance of ‘Working hard’ and ‘resting well’. So one of the things I do is writing prompts. I use an app to give me a topic, sentence or fictional scenario, then just set a 10min timer and write whatever comes to mind. For no other reason or outcome than to switch off from the daily grind, allow my head to go somewhere else other