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The ultimate trio of supplements to meet your foundational nutritional needs. 
Thorne’s Foundational Bundle fills nutritional gaps found in an athletes and individuals whose training and participation in sports and stress from daily life place added demands on energy production and recovery

* All three products are NSF Certified for Sport®.

Bundle includes:

Super EPA
Omega-3 fish oil with a higher level of EPA and DHA in an easy-to-swallow gel cap*Super EPA helps maintain the body's normal inflammatory response in muscles and joints, enhances mood, supports a healthy heart and brain, and promotes a healthy insulin response.* NSF Certified for Sport®

Multi Elite (AM/PM)
Two high-performance formulas that provide comprehensive nutrition from morning to night*

Multi-Vitamin Elite’s complementary AM and PM formulas are designed to support performance.*
The AM formula promotes energy production, while the PM formula enhances recovery

Vitmain D-5000
Get the vitamin that supports healthy teeth, bones, and muscles, as well as cardiovascular and immune function*Vitamin D, in its D3 form, is more potent and better absorbed form than its D2 form. Thorne’s vitamin D supplements contain no lactose and no preservatives. 


Thorne Foundational Vitamin Bundle

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