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The world's first interchangeable exercise tracker for the gym, outdoors or in water. Monitor your heart rate on your chest, arm or wrist.

Three times the motivation and three times the fun, with a light indicator and built-in memory so you can see your zone without a phone, and up to six months battery life on one charge.


1. What is the MZ-Switch?

MZ-Switch is the world’s first heart rate monitor that you can wear on your chest, arm or wrist. Track your real time heart rate and effort to see your data on screen and move through the zones to earn MEPs (Myzone Effort Points). Wearable three ways, simply switch between the chest belt, wrist strap and arm band, depending on your choice of physical activity. It’s time to switch things up.


2. How does the MZ-Switch measure my heart rate?

When on the wrist or forearm, the MZ-Switch uses an optical blood flow sensor that shines a light into your skin using LEDs that measures the blood flow to determine your heart rate. When in chest mode, the black pads on the strap make direct skin contact to deliver electrocardiogram (ECG) quality signals directly from your heart.


3. How do I wear the MZ-Switch?

Wrist: Slide your hand through the loop and pull the strap to tighten against your skin. The module should be positioned two fingers above your wrist bone. Forearm: Slide your hand through the loop and position just beneath the elbow with module facing out. Chest: Place the strap arou