The tools you need to build the body, mindset and lifestyle you've been searching for.
  • Are you frustrated with inconsistent results? gimmick programs and fad diets?

  • Are you wanting a dedicated coach to guide you, share their knowledge and set you up for success?

  • A completely customised approach that fits in with your preferences and lifestyle

  • Are you ready to get out of the over training, under eating weight loss cycle, boost your gym confidence and feel fit and strong?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then I am confident you are in the right place. 
The core services we offer at TFS are fantastic, our members enjoy their training and achieve great results. It will work for the majority, but every now and then you need an approach this is very specific and very customised to help you get started or to the next level. 

And that's where our Transformation Training comes in. 


No cookie cutter plans here.

Our first priority is to restore your energy balance and depending on your specific goals we get to work implementing the best protocol to achieve the desired outcome.

I work with you to ensure you are enjoying a range of foods that you both enjoy and fits your macro and micronutrient needs.

All nutrition plans are tracked through a detailed yet simple to use app. This app will become a key tool in your journey and give you the reassurance you have hit your targets for each day/week/cycle and are on track.

My philosophy around training is a culmination of the experience and knowledge I have gained over the past decade in the fitness industry. 

Focusing on quality movement, improving imbalances, building a solid foundation of strength and improving key health markers whilst achieving your body composition goals.

All training programs are designed and delivered/tracked through our simple to use app.

You could have the best training program and nutrition plan, designed to your every need with guaranteed results.

However without the support of a dedicated coach to keep you accountable and ensure you take those steps forward, only a very small percentage would succeed

(we are only human). 


You have direct contact with your coach through email and phone, weekly check ins on your overall wellbeing and to make necessary adjustments to your program. 

Plus a Facebook support group where you can interact with others wanting to make positive lifestyle changes. 



1 on 1

1 on 1

Using our coaching app you will receive a customised nutrition protocols.

Customising these protocols around your body type, lean body mass, activity levels, and neurotransmitter type we can accurately manage your nutrition each week to achieve incredible results. 

Some inclusions are:
- Weekly coaching call and adjustments as needed

- Ability to choose your own foods, recipes and even create your own days.

This is your first step to knowing how to accurately manage your nutrition move, look and feel your best. 

This is the ultimate coaching package, with the highest level of support and accountability. Everything apart from doing the reps and cooking the food is taken care of for you. 

Your nutrition is managed with our coaching app. I create a fully customised training plan around your current ability, goals, and lifestyle. And for female clients we go as far as structuring it all around your monthly cycle to ensure we can achieve far more than you ever have before. 

Some inclusions are:
- Weekly coaching call and adjustments in nutrition and training as needed

- Weekly 1 on 1 45min training sessions 

- Access to coaching app

- Weekly results and regular body fat tracking to ensure we are accurately measuring everything you do. 

This is your number one program for guaranteed results and achieving your specific goals. Perfect for those looking for that next level, and those just starting out needing the upmost support and guidance. 

This is the ultimate, personalised experience.

Sometimes training at our facility isn't possible, but you still want the same great experience right!? 

That's where online coaching comes in, just like the 1 on 1 package. 

I manage your nutrition and training week to week, constructing it solely around you, your goals, lifestyle and what facilities/equipment you have access to. 

We begin by doing an assessment to determine your strength & fitness level and what exercises you should be doing.


Some inclusions are:


- 12 Week training program adjusted as progress requires. 

- Weekly coaching call and adjustments in nutrition and training as needed

- Access to coaching app

- Weekly results and regular body fat tracking to ensure we are accurately measuring everything you do. 

If you're sick of not getting results in the gym, and what the support and guidance of an experienced coach who really cares, then this is your answer. 

From $30pw 

From $139pw

From $60pw 

Nutrition Preview:

Meet your coach:

Hey I'm Brad Cunningham, Personal Trainer and Owner of The Fit Shop Gyms. I have had the pleasure of learning and growing within the fitness industry for the past decade. My experience has lead me to specialising in fat loss for women, an area I am extremely passionate about.

Some credentials: Australian Personal Trainer of The Year Top 5 Finalist 2019, Master Rehab Trainer | CHFI LV 2 Nutrition & PT | Boxing Trainer | Kinetic Link Training Coach | Power lifting LV 1 | Physique Coach | Qualified Neuro - Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner | Last but certainly not least, Husband & Father of 3.

I'm most passionate about helping people transform their life from the inside out. My simple approach to transformational change focuses on mindset, nutrition and training and bringing all these pieces of the puzzle together. 


I contribute regularly to fitness magazines such as Oxygen and Mens Muscle and Health as well as other publications.



*Results may vary from person to person
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