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Meet Your Team

Brad Cunningham
Brad Cunningham

Brad is the humble leader of our tribe, turning his passion for helping others achieve into a thriving community and brand.


Brad believes the progress you make in the gym toward your health and fitness can be the vehicle for success in all areas of life. And enjoys seeing the positive ripple effect of one personal transformation to their family, friends and inner circle.

Brad brings a decade of experience in the health and fitness industry, specialising in fat loss for women.

Qualified Neuro-Linguistic programming coach (NLP), Rehab Trainer ®, Kinetic Link Training ® and 

Power Lifting level 2.


Brad was named in the Fitness Australia 'Top Five Personal Trainer's of the year for 2019.

He also contributes regularly to fitness magazines such as Oxygen and Men's Muscle and Health.

Coffee: Long Black

Luke Adams

Coach Luke has an extensive background in elite level soccer and still actively plays for South Melbourne football club.


He's had plenty of experience coaching soccer teams as well as coaching players and young talent in a 1:1 environment. 

His experience at high level sport means he has a great understanding of what's required to succeed and how to motivate individuals in a group environment

 Luke has worked as a head coach in a large fitness facility and brings a lot of fun, enthusiasm and good vibes to the TFS community.

He likes a soy latte but we don't hold that against him.  

Jack Nation

I am passionate about helping people feel confident in their bodies and their abilities. I believe fitness is a vehicle for achieving greatness in your life. 

My love for health and fitness was born through competitive sport. It was further grown through my experience at F45 and is now a part of my daily life.

love participating in various forms of exercise and sharing my knowledge with members.


I enjoy learning and developing my skills as a coach and leader in our industry.

Coffee: Latte, 1 Sugar

Hans Tan
Hans Tan

Coach Hans has a great sense of humour, a keen eye for detail and speaks multiple languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien and Malay.

His passion for fitness spans over 15 years and he draws from a wealth of experience.

Having worked in corporate and hospitality, Hans understands the challenges of managing a full-time career and the constraints that can come with it.

These life experiences gave Hans the knowledge of how to overcome these challenges to maintain a consistent, realistic and achievable fitness routine.


Coffee: Long Black


*Results may vary from person to person