Who are we

We believe that physical transformations are the bi-product of doing the small things consistently well. 

We have dedicated more than a decade to helping people feel, move and look their best.
Not from soul crushing workouts and restrictive nutrition protocols but from providing a space that helps people feel important, supported and confident. 
TFS goes far beyond just reps, sets and great workouts, we believe in providing a holistic and personal approach to ensure our Fit Shop Family feel strong, fit and empowered to take on all life's challenges. 
We believe fitness is a vehicle for fulfilment in many areas of your life and we love helping you work toward and celebrating these goals with you. 
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Move More

We encourage movement in any form and as often as you can. We empower our members to do more of what helps them feel good. 

People live stressful lives, work crazy hours and generally have way too much on their plate and parents especially tend to put their health last on the priority list. As a result people are becoming less active and less healthy. 


Yes, we encourage you to move more, but it goes far beyond these four walls. We believe we have a responsibility to help the wider community be healthy. This is why you will see us being involved with local groups, events and fundraisers. We aim to empower and support the wider community to be more active. 



Move Well

Fun and enjoyment should be at the forefront of your training, so we're mindful of never being too serious, but at the same time we want to ensure people are moving well, so that your training life is long and injury free. 

We are passionate about education and invest heavily into our team, programming and knowledge to ensure we're able to give you the best and safest possible experience. 

From a members perspective Move Well is about being conscious of your movement during sessions and over your week and making sure you're getting a balance of great training and recovery. 

We partner with local practitioners to ensure our members have the best resources available to them should they need them.


Move Together

This is really what it's all about here. getting fit and healthy with friends. We strive to make TFS people's third place. It's not work or home, but a place you can go, be yourself, feel welcomed, supported and a part of something. 

We all know someone or have been effected ourselves by mental health challenges. We truly believe movement and a healthy environment is vital in managing mental health issues. But there are many people out there who feel alone and unsupported. We really want TFS to be a place that changes that.

This is why you will see us talk about and do a lot in the mental health space. 

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