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Work out with The Fit Shop, no matter where you are with our popular online boot camp.

Fun, social, supportive and a killer of a workout, our virtual boot camp is the perfect way to prioritise your mental and physical health while while training from home, at the park, on holiday or where ever you'd like to be.


Join our sessions live over Zoom, where your trainers provide real time feedback, correct technique and motivate you when you're needing that extra push.


The sessions are suitable for all fitness levels, use minimal to no equipment, and we offer a seven-day free trial. There’s really no reason not to give our virtual boot camp a go. What are you waiting for?


Need a little extra push to stay motivated while working out from home? 

With The Fit Shop’s virtual personal training program, you'll not only have a customised training program but a dedicated coach to guide you, cheer you on and keep you on the path to smashing your fitness goals. 


Whether you have a full gym setup or just basic household items, your program will be tailored to you - no matter your lifestyle restrictions. You’ll be surprised just what you can do with a towel and broom, trust us. 


Don’t let these times set you back - our virtual personal training will keep you moving well on your way to your fitness goals.



Hit us up for a free 30min 1:1 trial session below.

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Virtual Boot Camp

“Really enjoy the interaction and getting a sweat on.”


—  Mandy Vistuer, Cheltenham




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