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Mindset is a powerful thing, it can be very useful when used positively and can help propel you toward the person you want to be, or help you achieve the things you desire, but unfortunately for many it becomes a destructive tool and holds them back or slows them down or creates stories that help them justify bad choices.

Winter or colder weather seems to encourage some of these negative mindsets or situations where we are caught in a rotating carb eating, exercise avoiding justification cycle.

So how often are you creating these stories in your mind?

"It’s too cold", "I should stay in bed this morning", "I’ve been good so I deserve this", or simply, “I can’t be bothered”.

Just because it’s cold, hot, raining, you’re a little busy, you don’t ‘like’ cardio, or whatever it is you’re telling yourself, the fact is you have a goal you want to achieve, or a REASON WHY you started, and that hasn’t changed.

So the aim is to not listen to these stories our mind sometimes tells us and focus on what you really want and what YOU KNOW you SHOULD be doing.

Everyone is striving for change, whether it be, weight loss, muscle gain, to get fitter, stronger, faster, (maybe taller for me), see abs, bigger arms, smaller arms, leaner, get into a bikini, have more energy, live longer or any other physical change.

The thing is your quest for a better body is not about your body at all!

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