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A Covid-Safe Return to Fitness

Updated: May 28, 2020


It’s been 45 (or so) days since we closed our face to face business.

I must admit, that initial fear and uncertainty that was swirling around us those first couple of weeks has certainly subsided.

As we move into our 6th or 7th week of operating completely online, things seem somewhat ‘calm’ and in a weird kind of way.. simplified.

There's still a level of uncertainty about the next few weeks and months and although we are more than confident we will be back stronger than ever, the 'how' still is out of our hands to some degree.

With the support of our community, we feel confident to tackle whatever comes next, and just as we have since March 23rd we plan to continue 'showing up' for our community and continuing to serve.

We wanted to get this out to you today in anticipation of tomorrow’s (and future) government announcements. We’re expecting some easing of restrictions and a slow return to fitness as we (kind of) knew it.

We want our community to know we have a plan, we are following every guideline and checklist and that we will be READY!

Your health and well-being is our priority and we believe TFS will get back on our feet pretty soon.

The ‘how’ and ‘what’ and ‘when’ may be out of hands to some degree and the TFS that we previously knew and how engaged with our fellow fit fam may still be a bit different for a while. But we feel that we can continue to provide that place of community that we have all come to love.

This gym is more than a facility with great equipment or a place to train... it’s your gym, your second family and for many, a place to escape the stresses of the world and just focus on yourself for those few hours a week.

We can’t wait to provide that for you again soon.

Below is a video and a PDF outlining our plan in anticipation of what might be announced Friday.

We will be taking all relevant guidelines from Safe Work Australia, Worksafe, Fitness Australia, Employsure and into consideration to ensure we’re doing everything to keep us all safe and healthy.

So here’s our plan:

As I mentioned in the Video, depending on the announcements over the coming days and weeks, and depending on how clear they are, some of the points we've made may change slightly or some steps may blend together. In any-which case, we will communicate swiftly and clearly with you. Our mindset on the next few weeks is not to make a decision on how we're operating unless it's 100% certain and only if it's of benefit to our members. We want to ensure there's certainty and structure with your training routine and we will only make decisions on business operations if we're certain we can maintain this for you.

We expect that tomorrow's announcement (May 8th) will allow larger groups (boot camp's) outdoors. However, given that local council won't provide permits for Personal Trainers, and as the numbers will be so limited and we don't want people to miss out, we won't make a switch to outdoor boot camp at this stage. For our Euroa gym, although we mentioned gym use in step 3 of our Pdf, we will only be able to open if it's possible to do so with our current 'minimal staffing' operations. Even if this is possible, a re-opening will only happen if strict member driven cleaning and hygeine procedures are followed along with our very regular cleaning. We will update our Euroa Fit Fam separately as things are set up slightly different there and the minimal staffing might prove challenging to implement what's required.

If you have any questions, please email us Thank you again for the support we have received during this time. Our community has shown us again how incredibly strong, adaptable and supportive you all are! We will get through this stronger!

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