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6 Steps to Overcoming Poor Food Habits

Recently we did a Facebook Live event which received a load of positive feedback.

Many 'Ah huh' moments for a lot of people.

So we thought we'd put it together in an easy audio format for you to listen to on your drive to work or morning walk.

When it comes to nutrition, so often we tend to focus on the outside stuff first:

  • "What should I eat/avoid for fat loss?"

  • "How many calories per day should I have?"

  • "Can I have sweets or alcohol?"

Although all these things and more are important, for most people poor habits can not be fixed by a food plan, eating something different or 'trying to eat healthier'.

There's much more to it, and although the motivators, the core issues and the results will be different for everyone, the steps outlined in this podcast are essential for all.

Here are the steps in a nutshell:

  1. Identify the core issue(s)

  2. Create the 'WHY' (pain V pleasure)

  3. Create new strategies

  4. Food (the practical stuff)

  5. Lifestyle (sleep/stress)

  6. Accountability, support and follow up.

In this podcast we break this process right down and give you plenty of simple strategies to implement, start seeing great results and build the foundation for long term health and success.

So enjoy the podcast, take plenty of notes, and be sure to let us know how it helps you.

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