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How To Fix Knee Pain!

If you run, lifts weights, ride a bike or put any regular stress on your body at some point in your life it's likely that you might experience knee pain. Unless you are able to maintain perfect alignment and posture, which can be tricky.

But if it does occur, it can be extremely frustrating, you were once able to do everything a easily and pain free, but now your knees decide they want to give you grief? sound familiar?

Having knee issues myself for the past 2-3 years and also recently having surgery on my knee around 5 months ago and slowly rebuilding, I know how frustrating and annoying they can be, wanting to do squats, lunges and running but this lingering pain just wants to hang around so you can’t do it to the best of your ability.

There is a range of reasons as to why you may be experiencing knee pain.

  • Your squat/lunge technique may be placing unnecessary stress and pressure on your knees.

  • One of both of your feet may roll in causing tightness of your lateral quad and IT band which can become inflamed and be quite painful.

  • An injury from a fall, or even a sporting injury.

The good news is, Is that this pain can be reduced and in many cases completely fixed.

How you ask?

By using foam rollers, red massage balls and even self massage and also listening to your body. It can be as simple as that.

The main areas you need to look into to self-release are:

Lateral Quad

Notorious for being tight, everyone should be releasing this before any training session.

It will cause knee pain by placing pressure on your IT Band which runs from your hip down to your lower leg. It can cause friction if tight and can become inflamed.

As it is responsible for knee cap tracking, if it's not functioning properly, it will pull the knee cap out of alignment and then cause pain.

TFL- Tensor Fasciae Latae

Near the hip about 3-4cms medial to where your pocket is.

If your sitting at a desk all day or commuting long hours in the car then releasing this muscle will be of benefit to you.

Being in those positions for long hours can cause the hip flexor muscles to shorten and adapt to that position, Just like the lateral quad the hip flexors are also responsible for stabilising the knee as they work in partnership with the quadricep muscles. So if you are someone that spends a lot of time in a seated position, releasing your TFL and quads will be very beneficial.

Unless massaged/rolled a few times per week this will become very tight, so be sure to add these into your weekly training schedule if relevant to you.

Hamstrings and Lower Back

Rolling/releasing your hamstrings and lower back muscles may also help with knee pain, so if you don't get any relief from the ones listed above you can try these.

Working on each of these main points for 2-3 mins before a workout and even during the day when you have a spare 5 mins, you will find some relief in those aching and tight knees.

The coaches are more than happy to help with these areas if you are unsure as to what your supposed to be feeling and where.

Be sure to check out our instructional video on how to release the most common tight areas and strengthen the most commonly found weak areas.

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