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Secrets to Avoiding the Christmas Fat Trap

At this time of year it’s easy to fall into the same old traps, the same old mindset, the same old belief systems.This year I urge you to take a second and think about how these mindsets or beliefs have worked for you in the past? I’m guessing not great.

The reality is people too often just allow events, other people, situations, the weather and many other things control their behaviours, effect their mindset, emotions and control their actions. Or at least blame these external factors for their current state of health anyway.

The thing is, you are in total control of your results, what you eat and drink, you don’t HAVE TO do anything, only if you want to, or think you need to.

It’s OK to relax and enjoy a meal and a cheeky drink with friends and family, but you need to allow for this with a regular healthy eating and exercise plan, and focus on not turning a day or 2 of celebrations into a month or two.

Try not to base all conversations, events, good times and fun around food, enjoy time together outdoors doing something, or have conversations at the table without food around.

Below are some tips to staying on track while eating out!

  1. Never go to a restaurant or someone’s lunch or dinner starving — Have a healthy snack a couple of hours beforehand.

  2. Skip the bread basket – Ask the waiter to remove bread and butter from the table.

  3. Drink water with your meal — Limit alcohol and alternate drinks with water, or substitute completely with mineral water and lime.

  4. Ask for an entrée sized or a smaller serve — Order a serve of extra vegetables or a side salad.

  5. Ask for dressings and sauces on the side —You can add a smaller amount yourself.

  6. Avoid heavy rice and pasta dishes — Risotto, creamy pasta dishes, pizza and paella are high in carbohydrates and fat.

  7. Choose steamed, roasted or grilled options —Avoid fried, battered and crumbed.

  8. Finish with fruit or share a dessert — Sometimes you only need a taste of a dessert to be satisfied.

  9. Monitor how hungry or full you feel — Listen to your body, eat slowly, savoring every bite, be ‘mindful’.

  10. Finally, don't be afraid to ask — Many restaurants have healthy options available or are happy to prepare a meal to cater to your dietary requirements. And most family members will accommodate.

Enjoy, and remember Santa won’t make you fat.

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