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Creating a Disturbance

Metabolic disturbance is a fancy term used for ‘shocking your system’

It’s a training method being proven to create great results in minimal time.

I often hear people who are usually new to training or new to our programs, believe that in order to get great results you need to exercise for hours.

Well I’m here to explain to you that you don’t. All you need to do is create a ‘disturbance’ to your system. So as long as the effort you generate is significant enough to shock your body (fire up muscle fibers, and stimulate your heart and lungs) you can get great results in as little as 10min.

I believe that to get great results it comes down to intensity. If you’re walking on the treadmill texting, doing weights and having long conversations in between or jogging around the streets having a nice chat to your running partner, you are not hitting the intensity you need to get amazing results.

I have seen it many times, experienced it personally and with clients. And I know that you can get a whole lot more out of 20min of giving it everything you have (so actually giving 100%) than fluffing your way through a 90min semi - strenuous training session.

For the ‘time poor’ this kind of approach to training can really help, it boosts your fitness, strength, energy levels and productivity, which for someone who is super busy with a high stress job or a hectic schedule you certainly can’t afford to feel less than your best.

So you can try training just 4 times a week for as little as 25-30min with maximum effort and still see amazing results — as long as your diet is in order.

If you are not yet convinced try this workout below, give it 100% and see how you feel afterwards.

20sec of each 10sec to change exercises.

​​As many rounds as you can for 10min rest 1-2min and repeat for remainder of 20min.

  • Star jumps

  • Push ups

  • Squats

  • Mountain climber

  • High knees

  • Burpee

  • Jump lunge

  • Squat Thrust

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