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Intelligent Food

The food you eat can be the best or worst form of medicine for your body. This depends on whether it’s good food you are putting in your body or bad food.

The term ‘intelligent food’ refers to the amount of nutritional information a certain food has or how ‘alive' or 'real' it is.

For example, someone (I’m sure many of us can relate) could easily consume a whole bag of chips which could range from anywhere between 600-1000+ calories. And many could do this without a problem, and maybe even follow up with a handful of lollies or a bowl of ice cream.

However, if you tried to consume the same amount of calories in apples or even something like carrots it would equate to about 8 apples, or 16+ carrots. Not many people could eat that many apples or carrots. But the reason behind this is because the apples and carrots are a highly intelligent food, meaning there is plenty of good nutrition and nutritional information in them, so that when you consume them at some point there is a reaction or a message sent to your brain to tell you that you are full. Foods very low in intelligence like potato chips don’t do this, hence why you can consume copious amounts of it without realising.

Not to mention all the great vitamins and minerals you miss out on when consuming low intelligent foods.

Highly intelligent foods help you feel, look and move better and they promote healthy cell function.

So the key is to ensure that your diet is made up of mainly high intelligent or ‘real’ foods. Yes you can still have a treat every now and then but if you are mainly consuming the good foods you have no need to feel guilty or have to worry about the effects of the bad foods.

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