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Lifting Smarter

As you may know I'm a big advocate for weight training, as the benefits are enormous! From weight loss to helping you prevent diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

There are 1000 and 1 ways out there on how to do weight training, and reap the rewards.

However there is one aspect that is not always done right, resulting in many people not quite getting the most out of their weight training.

Guys my age tend to do this more often but I still see plenty of females doing it as well.

They pick up the heaviest weight they can find and proceed to pump out 8-12 of the quickest, ugliest reps they can.

The whole set probably lasts about 10 seconds.

What I'm talking about is known as Time Under Load.

Where you get most benefit from weight training is when your muscle is having to control a heavy weight for a longer period of time than that example above.

This incorporates more muscle fibers, it stimulates your nervous system more, and puts more stress on the muscle resulting in micro tears which then repair, and make you stronger and leaner.

And remember the more lean muscle you have the more calories, or FAT you burn!

So to get the most out of your reps and sets you want to SLOW THINGS DOWN a little! And making each REP, whether it be a squat or a bench press, last for about 4-5secs.

This means a set of 10reps should take about 40-50secs.

This may mean you need to drop your weights slightly, but I guarantee you will feel the difference and in time SEE the difference!

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