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3 Tips to Achieving your Goals

Have you been trying to work towards something but find yourself hitting a wall time and time again?

Well follow these simple steps and breakthrough that wall to find the healthier happier you that you’ve been looking for!

  1. Write your goals on paper, dream big and be as creative as you want.

  2. Now create one daily habit inline with each goal, this can be as small or simple as you like, it needs to be achievable and realistic, for example if you have a weight loss goal your daily habit might be “I WILL drink 2ltrs of water”.

  3. Now, focus all your energy and attention on the daily habit! And be as consistent as you possibly can with executing your habits.

It’s OK to check back in with your big goals regularly, however try not to focus all your energy here, you want to focus your energy on the progress you are making, rather than what you haven’t achieved YET!

Now for the 3 step system to work you need to do one last thing…

TAKE ACTION so be sure to write down your top 3 – 5 goals and a daily habit for each and stick them up somewhere you will see them every day so you can keep it front of mind!

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