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10 Best Mobility Exercises For Your Hips and Back

In this modern world we spend way too much time in seated or kyphotic posture (rounded).

These now habitual postures cause tightness, poor posture and can lead to pain or injury down the track.

As important as exercise is, It's just as important you spend time working on your posture and mobility.

Our 3 step process to improving your posture is as follows:

1: Myofascial Release

2: Mobility Drills

3: Activation Exercises

Myofascial release or ‘self-massage’ drills are highly recommended prior to your training sessions, you can do this by foam rolling or using a tennis ball on tight areas and essentially massage the muscle.

The next step we recommend is utilising some mobility drills or 'dynamic stretches' such as the ones shown in this video below.

The exercises are fantastic for opening up and improving the range of motion in your hips, lumbar (lower) and thoracic (mid) spine.

If you spend a lot of time seated, or in a rounded posture it's vital you use these exercises to 'open up' and ensure your movement does not become restricted.

The third step is to strengthen or activate the weaker muscles.

Pain will occur when there is an imbalance between your muscles, e.g. your pecs being tight and back muscles being weak leading to shoulder pain.

Check out this video of one of our favourite lower trap activation drills:

This process is about correcting this imbalance, by loosing the tighter areas and strengthening the weaker areas prior to beginning your training session to ensure your body is in the most optimal posture to avoid injury and enhance performance.

Watch Video here:


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