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7 Strategies to Avoid The Xmas Blowout

It’s without a doubt one of the busiest times a year, between Xmas functions, last minute shopping.... oh crap! That reminds me... 😱😱

Anyway, we get it, it’s busy, but that doesn’t mean your training and nutrition needs to be completely neglected.

Just because it’s holiday season, and you’re taking leave from work doesn’t mean you should be taking leave from a healthy lifestyle.

Before I get into my top 7 strategies to stay on top of your health and fitness I think it’s a good opportunity to remind ourselves that health and fitness is all year round, just because you’ve been putting a little extra in to feel a little more comfortable at that Xmas function this Friday night, doesn’t mean you put your training and nutrition to the bottom of the priority list once the event is over,

Exercise is a daily thing, for life, not just for when you’re motivated or have an event coming up. So let’s all commit to making it a part of your routine this next few weeks.

So now my lecture to you is over, let’s get into my top 7 Strategies for Avoiding the Xmas Blowout.


There’s stuff on, you’re gunna be busy, and the last thing you’re wanting to do after a day of shopping or hosting Xmas lunch is head out for a run or do that workout. So get up early get your workout in and then enjoy the rest of the day. Opting for a workout over an extra 45min sleep is going to be far more beneficial. Unless you’re only getting a few hours sleep, then that’s another story altogether. There's plenty of chances to sleep in if you're only training 3-4 days a week anyway.


Let’s be honest, between everything that’s going on, who’s got the time to split up their workouts between upper, lower body, cardio and strength?

Let’s be smart, if you’re only going to manage 3 or 4 workouts a week, let’s combine it and get the most out of your training time.

I suggest for 2-3 weeks to do Full Body strength workouts followed by 10-20min of interval training to finish.

You can read this blog here to learn why doing strength first is important:

And click here to get some sample interval workouts.


Christmas is not Christmas without a good old fashion pav cooked by the self nominated pavlova expert in your family (c’mon we all have one).

Staying fit and maintaining your body composition over this time does not mean you have to completely restrict yourself from these delicious treats. However some consideration is needed for your overall diet. If you’re planning a bit of a food binge at Christmas lunch, then try and make your meals around this pretty good.

For example, I know I’m going to probably have a serve or 3 of Pav come Christmas Day, so I just aim to make the days leading up to and Breakfast on Xmas morning pretty good.

Because I know if I don’t then my overall calorie intake for the week will be a hell of a lot higher.

One big day is not going to ruin weeks of good nutrition and training, however multiple days and weeks in a row certainly will, so maintaining your physique over this time is really about choosing the times to relax a little on your choices and making the rest of your meal choices healthy ones.


There’s always one family member who makes a mess of themselves with a few too many eggnogs, and that’s ok, I mean it’s hard to hire good entertainment on Xmas day anyway.

If you’re going to have a drink, go for it, but just be mindful of the premix and sweet alcoholic beverages. These options contain higher calories and will begin to add up over a few days. Opt for lower calorie options to reduce your overall intake. Options like Gin and diet tonic, vodka soda or for those who are a little more seasoned than some, straight spirits on the rocks 😬🥃


I’m sorry this is not what you were probably hoping for. When it comes to meal times during festive occasions, it’s really easy to overeat as we become easily distracted and therefore disconnected from our bodies subtle cues to being fed or satisfied.

When we eat, our body gives us subtle cues to let us know we’re filling up or are satisfied, however when you’re chatting, having fun, and enjoying moments with family and friends it’s easy to not notice these, and therefore think we’re ready for a second helping of Aunty Judy’s scolloped potatoes when really we’re as full as the recycling bin will be on Tuesday.

So before you jump up for a second helping, just sit on it for 5-10min so you can possibly tune in to your body and then decide if you really need it, nine times out of ten, you probably won’t. And if you do still think you need it, firstly remind yourself how uncomfortable you felt last year after over eating. If after all that you still want another serve, go for it, because it’s likely uncle Joe will steal the last piece if you don’t 😂😏


Here’s a great tip to help you feel satisfied and not over indulge on the calorie dense options. Double your servings of greens, salads, veggies etc. the higher fibre content will help you feel more satisfied, as well as provide you with plenty of nutrients. This will help you fill up and less likely to reach for a large serve of Nana’s plumb pudding. 🍮

7: BE KIND TO YOURSELF💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♂️😘

Like I said before, one day of indulgence is not going to ruin a consistent year of good training and nutrition habits. Relax, it’s once a year, enjoy this time with your friends and family, don’t over think it, keep it real. Just don’t turn a treat day or 2 into weeks or months, use the strategies above to stay on track and kick off your 2018 in good stead.

If you’re wanting some help getting started on your health and fitness journey in 2018, contact us now by taking up our 14 Day Free Pass and become part of The Fit Shop family today and make 2018 your best year yet!

Merry Christmas from the TFS Team

- Coach Brad

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