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How Your Brain May Be Sabotaging You

All results we achieve are directly related to our beliefs.

When you have a disempowering belief about yourself. For example if you want to lose weight but your deep down beliefs of yourself are:

  • “I’m always going to be overweight”

  • “It’s genetic, I can’t change it”

  • “I’m too old”

  • “I just can’t lose weight no matter what I do”

If these are your true beliefs of yourself, then no matter what program you do, challenge, diet, goal you set yourself you will more than likely fall short or be up and down like a yo yo and will struggle to maintain long term results.

Here’s what happens when the belief is that of anything similar to the above:

  • You will only take partial action as deep down you already think it’s not going to work out.

  • You won’t utilise all the resources you have at your disposal, because again it’s probably not going work out anyway right?

And this will reflect your results and you will prove yourself right.

However, if you change the belief and if you have empowering beliefs about yourself this will happen:

  • You will take massive action, as your confident in your ability and you’r not fearful of what may happen, so you apply yourself 110%.

  • Utilise all your resources (other people, coaches, your own knowledge, past experiences, time, money etc) because you want to make sure you’re making the best decisions to move yourself forward and then this will reflect your results.

Changing your beliefs however is not exactly easy, beliefs aren't just the passing thoughts you’re aware of, our beliefs are the patterns, or blueprints you have created over your life that control everything from your decisions, to your behaviour to the way you view the world. To adjust these it’s a discipline, there needs to be consistent conscious effort.

Here are 4 steps to changing these beliefs so you can achieve, be and have more in your life.

Step 1 Spend time with people who have crossed the bridge of disbelief and are on the other side. Essentially hang around with people who have done it before, who will bring you up. Success leave clues, follow the clues.

Step 2 Set up the Why and What. What is the reason you want this thing so much. What is the bigger picture? If you could change one thing in your life right now, what would it be? Write it down!

Clarity is power, get very very clear on what it is you want, what will achieving this goal give you or do for you? How will it change your life and/or the lives of those around you.

Losing weight is so much more than the kilos, it’s what we attach to those kilos that matters. With this said, don’t get to caught up and certainly don’t expect to drastically be happy when you lose that 5 kilos as you will be disappointed.

Understanding your what and why is important, but be sure to understand the law of fulfilment. Find ways everyday to feel those things you want.

If you want confidence, health, happiness from eating well and exercising find ways to feel that in the every day, you will actually achieve far more this way. Fulfilment comes from the process, the journey and the NOW not from the end goal, try to to attach fulfilment to achievement. Find achievement in every moment and this will create fulfilment.

Step 3 All human beings ensure their behaviour is consistent with their perception of themselves. In other words if you think you’re too old or too slow then your behaviour will reflect this, on the other hand if you think you’re healthy, happy, strong and amazing then your behaviour will reflect this.

Firstly you need to interpret your perception of yourself, then believe in the beauty of your dreams just like a little kid does, avoid letting social expectations, cultural or family ‘standards/perceptions’ of what the world should look like ruin the pursuit of what you want.

Define yourself as "world class"! How you define yourself internally determines your external self (success, income, health, relationships).

Step 4 Plan to be a giver - Think “I’m healthy already” “I’m rich already”.

Act, think, move and treat others and yourself as if you are already successful, give more than you receive. The law of attraction and some good karma will play it’s role and move you closer to actually having more

And finally, your future is not controlled by your past, it’s control by your decisions. And you make better decisions when your values are inline with your beliefs.

And you create more empowering beliefs through repetition and consistent effort to change your thinking and your state.

It is important to be aware of when you’re in a poor or suffering state and change it immediately - just MOVE because MOTION creates EMOTION - push yourself to get into a positive state by moving, standing or sitting in a confident, positive way and look for the positives from each situation even one that seems negative at first glance - watch the video below to see how you can do this.

We have poor results due the patterns we are accustomed to following based on all the things we have discussed above, patterns make us think we are broken, but it’s easy to change a pattern, not so easy to change yourself. But remember this, you are not your patterns!

Have an extraordinary week!

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