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The One Thing I Didn’t Mention in this Video Could be Stopping You in Achieving Your Goals

[The 4 Pillars to a Successful Transformation]

In this video I shared with you 4 key ‘Pillars’ to any successful body composition transformation goal.

  1. Nutrition

  2. Strength Training

  3. Interval Training

  4. Mindset

I strongly believe that Mindset is the core pillar as it brings it altogether, if you don’t have this part of the equation, down part you will continue to yo-yo, fall off track, not hit goals and so on.

Watch the video to Learn exactly what you need to do in each of these areas to achieve your goals.

Now the 5th Pillar, the one thing I didn’t mention, is equally as important as any of these above.


And recovery is not just about stretching, rest days and hydration.

Recovery also includes your stress levels, put simply if you are highly stressed you will have a higher level of cortisol in your system blocking almost any chance of fat loss.

Stress levels are increased when you don’t get enough sleep, eat poor foods, drink alcohol, train too much and are exposed to triggers that increase your internal stress and/or anxiety (remember this is different for everyone). Could be triggered from work, kids, financial or just day to day things.

The key is to try and reduce your triggers, look for ways to de-stress, think yoga, meditation, stretching, foam rolling or just going for a walk. Anything at all that allows your brain to switch off from the usual chatter than goes on, usually any activity that takes your complete focus will do this.

Just ensure you’re implementing some of this into your week to get that balance right.

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