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TOP 3 Training Tips

Here are my top 3 tips to get the most out of your training

  1. Push yourself just a little more each week, each session each set. This is known as progressive overload, but to put simply just try and be 1% better every day!

  2. Don’t ‘fluff around’ – When it’s time to train or during your workouts you need to be 100% focused, remove all distractions, no Facebook, Twitter, TV, long conversations or sitting there doing nothing. Its get in, train with intensity and get out. This helps avoid plateaus, boredom and it gets results. Sitting on a recumbent bike reading the newest edition of Better Homes, for most people will not get results. Stay focused, be present and do what you gotta do, and get out, don’t ‘fluff around’.

  3. Find a training Buddy. Having someone to train with helps keep you accountable, they can make sure you get up when you say you will (because they’re waiting for you). They can help push you further than what you would yourself, but as long as they’re following tip #2. And… having someone to train with can make it much more enjoyable.

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