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Will this be Just Another New Years Resolution?

Last night an amazing thing happened - (as it does every year).

At 12:01am about a billion people magically transformed into positive, motivated, excited, purposeful and inspired people.

  • This year my new years resolution is

  • New year.. new me

  • I am quitting...

  • From today onwards no more...

  • I'm going to be a size 10

  • I'm going to walk the dog more

Etc, etc..

Recently I heard that about 1% of people actually follow through with their new years resolutions. I read somewhere else that it can be up to 8%, but whatever the number we know it's low, how is this possible with all that positivity and motivation!?

This happens because these people have not made a full commitment to these goals. Saying something is different to actually implementing something and then committing to those new habits. People rely on motivation and think that if they stay motivated that they will achieve their goals. News Flash! Motivation wears off pretty quick. So what will you do after that?

Here's where the successful people come in. They continue doing the things they need to do to achieve their goals after the motivation wears off, or when they don't 'feel like it' THEY JUST KEEP DOING IT! and keep doing it, and keep doing it, until eventually it becomes a habit, so natural they do it on auto pilot. Just like brushing your teeth!

Whoever wakes up and says "I don't feel motivated to brush my teeth today"? No one, because it's not a motivational thing, it's a habit! And we make a FULL 100% commitment to brushing our teeth when we are very young.

This is the same approach you need to have if you ever want to be successful with your weight loss or anything else for that matter. Just keep doing all the little things consistently, day in day out until it becomes part of your routine, part of your life part of who you are!

It interests me how people believe that a certain date, number or day will be the turning point for them to actually achieve their goals, These same people usually never start anything unless it's a Monday either.

The reality is, that no day of the week, no single person, event, program, diet or special potion or pill is going to automatically guarantee you will hit your goals.

The time to live your best life is NOW!

You will never have more time that you do right now!

You will never have more ability that you do right now!

This year will be no different to last, it will be full of challenges, opportunities, success and learning curves. Your success or results are not based on certain astronomical dates, other people or events, your success is based on YOU!

I'm all for positive affirmations and setting goals, these are great to help guide you, and as long as you come back to them regularly to check in, evaluate and adjust it does work. But too often people are searching outside of themselves to achieve their goals.

That's why we focus on getting each and every person who comes in here to think about their WHY, think about how they can adjust their beliefs, attitudes and behaviours to produce better outcomes.

YES our training gets great results, YES we have awesome food plans that are simple to follow and produce amazing results, YES the members here are awesome, supportive and so much fun to be around, but none of this works as well as it it should if YOU are not ready, and YOU are not willing to commit to your goals, your new habits or THE NEW YOU.

So maybe this years resolution should be not to have a resolution but rather a commitment to daily habits that are in line with your bigger goals!

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