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Why Make It A Chore?

It seems that many people’s view or perception on what exercise is has been skewed by the ever growing fitness industry.

There are so many images, articles and videos on social media these days posting images of people lying on the floor half dead after a killer workout. Or that to get results, you need to train 10hrs a day and eat next to nothing.

This ‘new culture’ of exercise and what it is supposed to be has been skewed a little and the result is a daunting and frightening image painted for anyone who is about to begin their fitness journey, then because we have created such a traumatic experience in our minds, it becomes a chore to do any exercise.

You see the reality is, everyone’s journey is different, and we all need to start from somewhere. And just like some magazines seem to paint a picture of what all females should look like, we need to be mindful of what images the fitness world is painting about how we should eat, how we should look, or how we should exercise. So just because some ‘fitness person’ posts something on Facebook that you should only do cardio or not eat a certain food, that doesn’t mean it applies to you. What works for someone else doesn’t mean it will work for you.

Try to focus on what does work for you, if you’re not getting the results you want then it’s time to adjust or improve something.

Exercise should be enjoyable, (yes sometimes it sucks) but generally it should be a good experience, it’s about releasing all the good hormones and it should be all about you! But if you do find it tough then maybe it’s time to partner up with someone, join a group or similar to create a positive atmosphere and association around exercise.

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