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10 Tips to Fat Loss

Today’s social media and information age has made things like health and well being and particularly fat loss very confusing. There is an abundance of information out there, you are only a Google search away from the latest detox, pill, diet, fat loss plan or training program!

It can be frustrating and very confusing for someone just starting out in his or her health & fitness journey.

My aim is to keep things very simple and easy to follow.

So below are my 10 tips to help you feel, look and move better!

  1. Stop doing things that don’t work for you

  2. Avoid foods that make you feel crap and eat more foods that make you feel great!

  3. Spend less time with negative people or ‘time vampires’

  4. Move more

  5. Sit less

  6. Go to the gym more than you go to the pub

  7. Drink less alcohol

  8. Eat more real food (stuff that doesn’t come in a packet or with a label)

  9. Read more books (and not just novels)

  10. Stop doing stupid things and justifying them

At the end of the day it all starts with self-awareness, this is the essential step to being the best version of you!

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