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Don’t F*&$ Around

Now sorry if the subject line offended anyone (sorry Mum) but it's the basis of my email today and swear words seem to have a better effect.

People often comment about how much I can get done in a day, and still have time to train, Facebook and have a good laugh in the office.

But quiet simply I just don't F*&$ around, completion is something I pride myself on and procrastination is certainly something I avoid.

I prioritise my tasks, complete them 1 at a time and designate specific time for each thing. for example the first 30min after I finish with clients in the morning is designated for the most urgent and important task for that day.

Each night I think about everything I want to achieve the next day, I don't always write it down but this certainly helps.

I don't waste a minute of the day doing unproductive tasks or tasks that don't help me achieve the result I want, hence why the dishes can pile up at work sometimes (sorry guys).

Today I'm asking you to follow me with this mindset on your goals.

Try not to F*&$ around anymore with tasks or choices that won't give you the result you're after.

Yes there are some things that need doing everyday that aren't that important but try to designate time for these and use your time productively.

If you want to start a new training program or eating healthy then don't F*&$ around and wait until a new week or another Monday... start now! (That line would have more effect if it wasn't actually Monday today, but you get my point).

Don't procrastinate with your training get it done at the soonest time possible, otherwise you allow for distractions.

When you're training, don't F*&$ around, just like I do with work, focus on one task at a time and you will get more done in your training session and more done in your day... Guaranteed!

Set yourself a to-do list and prioritise your tasks or goals!

Ok I'm getting back to my to-do list now.

I hope you have a kick ass week and don't settle for anything less!

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