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My Parents Made Me Fat!

Hey Guys!

In my line of work I tend to hear a lot of things that people say or perceptions they have about themselves.

"I'm getting old, or I'm too old"...

"My parents were overweight, so are my siblings, it's hereditary"

"Life is busy, there's nothing I can do about it" or "that's just life"

"I was born this way" "I've always been overweight"

"I have a bad back" or "I can't run or exercise is not for me" or "I'm to busy to exercise".

I'm sorry if I offend anyone here, but all these things are choices, being overweight is not hereditary, it's a series of choices (over many years) you've made or a lifestyle you have grown up with, that has made you overweight, not your parents.

No one is to old to exercise! Exercise is just a fancy word for movement and at different levels of intensity or difficulty. If you say you're to old to exercise you're telling yourself that you're to old to move! Start believing that and guess what, sooner or later you will be limited to walking aids, lying or sitting down. (The subconscious mind is a very powerful thing.)

It's about varying the intensity, whether you're older or just brand new to exercise you need to start slow and take baby steps to get to your optimum. The Olympic marathon runners didn't start running 40+km on the first day!

"I'm busy" is possibly the most damaging excuse you can use, if you let 'life' take over and not look after yourself then sooner or later you will have to make time for illness or disease!

We were created to move and lift things, and if you don't do it the body will slowly shut down! So MOVE!

20min, 15 or even 10min of high intensity training has been proven to be of significant benefit! So at the bare minimum find 10min in your day to do something!

Back pain and most injuries believe it or not are usually caused from lack of conditioning. In other words the body is not used to lifting moving or controlling your body weight efficiently, so it falls apart.

You need to build a strong healthy body to live everyday at your optimum level, otherwise you will be tired, sore, lethargic and sick all the time.

So if you are at square one, I understand it can be a hard, confusing and frustrating time, but for momentum to occur you need to take action on something! Anything! No mater how small just start with something and then watch it build momentum.

I look forward to hearing from you about how you're going to take action!

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