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19 Cheat Sheets to Help You Work Out Like a Pro

We recently stumbled across this article with some of the coolest mini workout cheat sheets, just like this one below, so we thought we had to share this with you. You can check all 19 out here:

It also raises the question around training.

What’s more effective? Train more often or train less often and more effectively?

I believe the key to an effective training regime is effectiveness and consistency.


Each exercise, each set, each rep needs to performed with complete purpose. That’s it’s inline with your end goal, but that you’re also focusing on the right muscles.

For example, when you deadlift, really focusing on engaging your glute muscles will actually cause you to engage that muscle more effectively. This is the whole Mind and Muscle connection theory and it’s dead true.

When you bicep curl whilst really thinking on contracting your bicep, the muscle will be worked more effectively.

Each exercise should be a brick in the overall house. Doing random exercises each time you train is like starting a new house for every brick you lay.

You need to complete similar exercises consistently over a period of time 4-8 weeks. This will allow your body to adapt to the stimulus/movement and improve (get stronger, better technique, more power output etc).

Which takes us to the next point.


Any training program could and probably will achieve some results when done consistently, the issue is many people start out with something for a few weeks, and as we are no conditioned to having instant gratification with anything we do, after not seeing instant results a few weeks in, we start looking for answers.

Different programs, shake diets, cool fun new workouts and so forth.

The key is to stick with your training program for at least 4 – 8 weeks to see the changes. It takes at least 6 weeks for your body to begin adapting to the training and 12 weeks for complete physiological changes. (Increases V02max, muscle function, heart and lung function, lactic acid threshold and many more.)

So in short, train consistently and effectively. It doesn’t have to be every day. Maybe start with 3 days and build up to 4 or 5 days as you get fitter, stronger and recover better.

Your workouts don’t need to be 2 hours long either, just 30 – 60min of focused effort will get you results.

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