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You Don’t Need to Run to Get Great Results!

Contrary to popular belief, running isn’t the only way to get great results when it comes to reducing your waistline!

For a lot of people especially older adults, or people who played a lot of competitive sport in their younger years, running is just out of the question, but there are still plenty of ways to get your hear rate up and improve your cardiovascular health.

Along with a structured strength training program, interval training is a vital piece in the puzzle of training for fat loss!

You could do this running, however if this isn’t feasible for you or if you’re like me and just get bored pounding the pavement every session then you could try, boxing, rowing, cycling or even swimming!

Here’s a great interval program for the spin bike!

5 min warm up moderate intensity

30 sec standing sprint (high intensity) (moderate resistance) 30 sec seated recovery (low – moderate intensity) Repeat for 5 min

1 min seated slow pedal recovery

20 sec hard sprint (moderate resistance) 10 sec slow recovery (same resistance) Repeat for 3 min

1 min slow pedal recovery

Complete the following one after the other:

10 sec sprint 10 sec slow recovery

20 sec sprint 10 sec slow recovery

30 sec sprint 10 sec slow recovery

40 sec sprint 10 sec slow recovery

50 sec sprint 10 sec slow recovery

5 min slow cool down

Remember to stretch!

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