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3 Tips to the Perfect Treat Meal

Following on from last weeks article, I suggested using a strategic treat meal or a day each week where you eat more calories (mostly from carbs) to avoid homeostasis (or fat storage) when following a calorie reduced diet plan.

Today I wanted to share with you 3 tips to the perfect treat meal to ensure it works in your favour and promotes fat loss rather than the reverse and so that you can still enjoy your favourite foods and not feel guilty.

  1. Avoid over indulging or gorging! Avoid eating until you feel sick, you can enjoy some naughty foods but just try not to over do it here, portion sizes should still be reasonable.

  2. Only buy your treat meals on your treat day Throw out (or donate) any left overs that won’t serve you for the rest of the week.

  3. You can still be healthy while being ‘cheaty’ You don’t have to eat junk. It’s about carbs and overall calories, so you can still stick to your normal dietary guidelines, but as long as you’re having more of them on this day.

Remember a treat meal is designed to work in conjunction with a healthy eating plan that includes lots of fresh veggies fruit and lean meat, I’m sorry but eating ice cream, pasta and cakes every day will not help you lose fat.

If you missed last weeks article or you would like more information on this you can contact me at

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