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Listening to Your Body

Are you feeling fatigued, flat, no energy and just feel that your not getting as much out of boot camps (or any exercise for that matter) that you use too?

You were lifting 9kg two weeks ago, but this week your struggling to lift an 8kg and or even 7kg. You've hit a brick wall? No matter how hard you work you’re not seeing any results!

Why? How?

It could be that your just tired from a big week or it could be that your body is telling you that it can’t handle all this extra exercise, as you've depleted all your fuel sources and your running on empty and you've burnt out, meaning you have no energy left and your body needs time to recover!!

In a nutshell we have limited amount of energy and reserves and when these have been used up either physically or mentally but in some cases both then we experience fatigue.

Fatigue can effect your exercise performance in numerous ways such as:

  • Not performing reps properly which can result in injury.

  • Lack of motivation to get the most out of your session.

  • Less enjoyment of your workout causing you to break from your training routine.

  • No motivation for your next session.

  • Loss of appetite

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Constant soreness or trouble recovering

Your body will adapt to whatever you are doing, whether its lifting weights, running, eating differently, its amazing!

There has to be a gradual increase in these adaptations and you have to start listening to your body.

If you start feeling fatigued and run down while training or at work you need to look at what you are eating, as your may not be eating the right carbs/proteins/fats etc. or you may not be eating enough food to fuel your body for those 2 extra sessions you decided you would do this week.

So if you've been feeling fatigued lately, you need to look at your eating habits, what your doing, when and how much (cardio/strength etc.) and also making sure you are well prepared before any workout you do even if it is only 30 mins, your body requires all that energy!

Here is a few ideas to help you hopefully avoid fatigue:

  • Prepare and plan your week(s) ahead: What days you will be training and when, Prepare your food for the week so you’re able to fit a healthy snack in before training (not to close to training though!!)

  • Speak with any of the trainers to help plan your week out as above. Organise a time to sit down with them for 30 mins so you can go over a plan to get the most out of training.

  • You must have a rest day or 2 during the week, these are important as your muscles need recovering and replenishing.Going for a walk, bike ride or swim can be done on that rest day.

  • Eat the right foods and drink plenty of water.

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