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3 Things we can Learn from Kim Kardashian

Now I'm not usually one to get caught up in the whole celeb gossip thing. I actually don't even turn the TV on at home let alone take much interest in the top media stories.

However I saw an image of Kim Kardashian (I'll call her KK for short) and felt there was a lot that many females could take from her.

  1. With all the sensationalised perfect 'fitness model physiques' splashed all over social media and the so called picture of beauty that seems to be portrayed in media these days, it's very easy to feel as though your body isn't perfect or is far from beautiful. However this is just that, an image portrayed by media and magazines etc. so remember this: Healthy is Beautiful. And healthy is whatever you feel it is for you, in other words if you are able to do all the things you need to, (keep up with young family, play your favourite sport, walk up the stairs etc) and you aren't held back by your level of health and fitness or reliant on medications to allow you to do these things, then you are 'your healthy'. If you have enough energy and are of good health (not always getting sick) then you are healthy. You don't need to have a stomach that would grate a carrot or exercise 4 hours a day to be able to consider yourself healthy. KK does not have that teenie tiny figure that we see all the time, she has a 'real' and healthy body.

  2. A certain weight does not equal happiness. Being under 70,60 or 55kg won't automatically make you happy. Being happy starts by being satisfied and being happy that you're making progress. The extra weight you're lifting, the extra couple metres you were able to achieve today, or a couple cm's off your waistline is all progress. Try not to focus on the big goals or the 'ideal shape' just be happy that you're improving week to week, even if it's going from eating out 5 x pw (poor options) to only doing it 3 x pw this is all progress and being satisfied with that and not obsessing on where you want to be in 12months or what's happened in the past will ensure you are satisfied with your present self.

  3. Making exercise part of your lifestyle. KK exercises regularly, she hits the gym, and moves often. It doesn't run her life but she does it regularly enough to stay healthy. The reality is, you need to move every day, if you don't you will put weight on and become unhealthy. So find a routine that is realistic for you and ensure its enough to stimulate your body for growth or improvement. Progressive overload (doing a little more each time) is the key to constant results.

Obviously the routine KK's following is working for her as she looks great. If you don't feel you've found yours yet, get in touch with us today and we can help you work on getting the balance right for you to achieve your goals and still enjoy the things you love.

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