• Brad Cunningham

20 Minute Body Blast

Short on Time? Need to exercise? Haven’t got any equipment?

Interval style training has been proven to produce great results in just as little as 20min a few times a week! If you’re not already, be sure to add this into your training schedule.

Try this Full Body Interval style workout next time you need to fit in a workout at home or away traveling!

Warm Up

High knees (fast) x 20 + 1 x Squat jump - repeat for 90sec

Push ups x 10

X 3 Rounds


(Increase reps each round)

Squat Thrust x10,15,20

Jump lunges x20,30,40

Sit ups x 5,10,15

Star Jumps X 20,25,30

Squats x 20,25,30

Plank to push ups x10,15,20

Chest to ground burpees x10,15,20

Rest 1-2min and repeat (3 rounds)

And if you’re feeling motivated repeat the warm up to finish!


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